The Future of I Pour Life

Over the last few months, I Pour Life has gone through a huge transition! Our CEO and founder, Julie Higgins moved to become the Emeritus CEO. We now have a new Executive Director, Ben McBride! Ben is a former criminal defense attorney and has been a part of several non-profit boards. As Ben oversees the day-to-day operations, programs, and strategies, Julie will assist Ben by focusing on National and State relationships. We are excited for this new season! Ben has a tremendous vision for the future of I Pour Life! 

A Letter From Ben

Hi Everyone, My name is Ben McBride. I have the honor to report that I Pour Life’s Board of Directors has chosen me as its Executive Director!  

As I sit here at the I Pour Life office this afternoon, I cannot help but feel grateful and blessed.  Grateful to be chosen to lead this organization through its next chapter; blessed to look back at the personal and professional experiences, education, and support I have received along the way that helped put me here.  

It’s no secret that I Pour Life has a storied record of growth and success due to the tremendous role Julie Higgins has had on our organization and, in effect, our community.  The truth is, I have watched and admired Julie’s drive and passion to provide positive youth development to those most in need for quite some time.  In my short time here, I have learned much from Julie already. I fully intend to carry on her drive, passion, and leadership as I Pour Life moves forward into new territory.  

Vision for Our Future

While I Pour Life stays committed to bettering communities throughout southwest Missouri, our vision does not stop here.  Our goal is to encompass the entire State of Missouri by the end of 2022 and expand our program nationwide by 2030.  I Pour Life understands that it, alone, cannot reach the thousands of youths who would benefit most from the LifeStrengths program. For this reason, I Pour Life is employing strategies to reach the multitudes by: (1) increasing its influence throughout federal, state, and local governments; (2) partnering with like-minded organizations to train and certify LifeCoaches across the nation and beyond; and (3) maintaining a steady hand in the coaching of youth in order to continue to provide the most successful program of its kind.

Relying on Our Foundational Principles

In this regard, none of I Pour Life’s past, present, or continued success would be possible without your support.  Transitions can be difficult because they can shake the sense of identity of an organization.  I assure you the identity of I Pour Life is not lost on me.  I am confident that by relying on the foundational principles I Pour Life was built upon will only carry us forward.  With your continued support, I Pour Life’s best days are ahead as. Together, we traverse the landscape of Missouri and beyond.  With the proven record of success LifeStrengths has shown, at-risk, marginalized, and older foster youth deserve nothing less.    

I would love the opportunity to meet with you; to get to know you and what drives you to support this great organization. If that is of interest, please feel free to email me at, or call the office at 417-755-7039 and speak with my assistant, Hope. Thank you in advance for your continued support of I Pour Life.  I look forward to meeting you all soon. 

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