Lifestrengths is a development system for homeless and at-risk youth.

Currently, lifestrengths serves the Springfield, MO area and is launching in Dallas, TX.

WHAT EXACTLY IS LifeStrengths?

LifeStrengths is a unique 12-month personal development system tailored to meet the individual needs of marginalized and at-risk youth by pairing participants with an on-staff LifeCoach. The structured process follows a curriculum created by I Pour Life. During the first 8 weeks, participants meet with their LifeCoach to establish a relationship and set goals in the areas of identity, emotion, and situation. Following these 8 weeks, participants are placed on individualized tracks focused on development in the areas of financial literacy, education, employment, and relationships. LifeStrengths discovers the unique talents and strengths of participants to guide the development process. This structure allows individuals who have been socially isolated to achieve self-sufficiency.


LifeStrengths is targeted to young adults ages 16-25 who are either homeless, or in/transitioning out of foster care, the criminal justice systems, or community assistance organizations. This is an age group that often falls through the cracks of other agencies because they can be too old or too young to qualify for services. LifeStrengths discovered many of these individuals are underdeveloped, unprepared, and unaware how to live self-sufficient lives due to lack of resources. Through LifeStrengths, socially isolated individuals are developing independence and gaining social capital.


LifeStrengths meets a critical need for development through partnership with community organizations, government agencies, and schools. Partnering organizations nominate individuals who have shown signs of readiness for personal development. In addition to nominating agencies, LifeStrengths also partners with community organizations and businesses to develop resources for participants and expand their social networks. To find out more about partnership opportunities, click below.


  • 80%

    Of progress indicators achieved by all youth
  • 100

    LifeCoached Youth
  • 500

    People positively impacted by participants


When Alexis was 14, she started moving from house to house with her mom. By the time she graduated high school, she had attended 5 different schools and had been kicked out of the house where she was living at the time. Alexis moved in with her boyfriend while she attended community college but dropped out after four months so she would have more time to party and socialize.

When Alexis met her LifeCoach Robin, she was initially hesitant about the changes she might have to make in her life. However, Alexis and Robin worked together to establish goals she wanted to achieve through the LifeStrengths process. Alexis began to start a savings account and work on developing her personal strengths and reconciling her past. Through her relationship with Robin, Alexis learned to make changes necessary to ensure a better future for herself.

LifeStrengths development program is privately supported and funded by individuals and local partners:

Turner Family Foundation
Great Southern Bank
Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Darr Foundation
Musgrave Foundation
Central Bank
Simmons Bank
Assemblies of God Credit Union
US Bank
Springfield ReManufacturing Corporation (SRC)
First Bank
North Point Church

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