Community Partners


Our communities are stronger when we all work together.

Businesses, schools, charities, and religious groups form the heart of every community. Within these groups are individuals that drive the community forward and, thus, help drive our youth to find success. 

We are always looking for members of the community to volunteer to speak at our Social Capital Club meetings, host Social Capital Club dinners, sponsor special events throughout the year, and provide general operational support.

I Pour Life is most successful when the relationships it builds with donors, volunteers, staff, and board members also include the groups and organizations they are part of outside the nonprofit.

To learn more, please contact us at 417-755-7039 or email us at

"We love the hand-up approach of I Pour Life. Knowing that I Pour Life is coaching, training, and equipping marginalized youth to become productive and self-sufficient here in Springfield and internationally is really exciting for us. This is the kind of work that will positively impact our communities for generations to come. It ties into our mission as a company of helping our clients and team members grow and level up. We’re thrilled to be an I Pour Life Partner." — OMG Commerce Team