About I Pour Life

I Pour Life was founded in 2011 by Julie Higgins, to empower and equip individuals with social and economic disadvantages to become self-sufficient. The first initiative was in El Salvador, and after five years of coming alongside local leaders, I Pour Life began to launch other sustainable development programs around the world.

Today, I Pour Life operates LifeStrengths for at-risk, marginalized, and homeless youth in Missouri and Texas, as well as a community development and family empowerment program in Kore, Ethiopia for individuals who are experiencing extreme poverty and have been diagnosed with leprosy, HIV/AIDs, and Tuberculosis.

One person and one community at a time, I Pour Life is providing a hand up, not a hand out to people with economic and social disadvantages. I Pour Life is an international 501c3 based in Springfield, Missouri, with satellite offices in Dallas, Texas and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Statement of Faith

I Pour Life is not federally registered as a faith-based organization. However, we, as an organization, board and staff believe in the foundation and gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus did life with all people, regardless of their religious beliefs, social involvement, and political views. Our desire is to do the same, to show God’s unconditional love and hope for individuals. We believe in the entire word of God and that our life should show this as we interact with and love people.


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