What Our Youth Have Achieved This Summer

The achievements made between the ages of 15-20, can set a person up for success for the rest of their lives. That is why it is one of our top priorities to celebrate the milestones that each youth in our program accomplishes. Each win can be attributed to a few factors, one being the LifeCoach guiding and encouraging the youth to overcome obstacles to reach their goals, but more importantly, is the hard work of each youth. 

Here are some incredible wins of the last month that have been shared by our LifeCoaches!

Gracelin’s Youth

Starting with our LifeCoach Gracelin, she had a youth solidify housing and begin living in her own apartment! Two youth opened up savings accounts, setting them up for their future and one of these ladies got a full-time job as well!! 

Caroline’s Youth

Caroline had a youth take her driving test and receive her license on the first try! Another bought her own car! Whoop whoop!

Tiffany’s Youth

Tiffany has had 4 youth open checking and savings accounts,1 youth recently approved for independent living, another accepted to Missouri Valley, 2 youth each got their first jobs, 2 youth passed summer school, 1 bought a car and another received all-American at cheer camp! WOW!! 

Sommer’s Youth

Sommer has had two youth earn their driving permits and both will soon start driving lessons!

Nicole’s Youth

Nicole is one of our newest LifeCoaches and she is already celebrating that one of her youth got a job this month!

Taylor’s Youth

One of Taylor’s youth was able to share her experience in foster care with a Missouri Senator and another youth earned her driving permit!

Morgan’s Youth

Morgan had a youth get a job for the first time ever and another girl get her permit!

Whoohoo!! We are so proud of each of these individuals for taking huge steps in bettering their future. We are confident that they will continue to achieve their goals!

If you would like to be a part of celebrating our youth, consider joining our monthly giving community called the Neighborhood, where you can celebrate these successes with a financial gift!