What is the Social Capital Club?

On January 20th, 2022, I Pour Life launched the Social Capital Club.

In short, each month we have an opportunity for our at-risk and former foster care youth in Missouri called the “Social Capital Club”. Social capital is the tangible result of having a network of relationships. Access to healthy relationships is otherwise unattainable for this population because of the circumstances they grew up in. Many only have themselves to rely on. This club was created by our organization to expand the opportunities for community for these youth. Through this, youth have the opportunity to build several positive relationships and achieve interdependence. 

But what exactly does that look like? From 5:30-7:30 each month, we host a gathering of 15-20 youth and 5-10 members of the community. A dinner is catered by a partner organization and after 45-60 minutes of social/dinner time, a speaker engages with the youth for 20-30 minutes with their story or topic of presentation.

In January,  I Pour Life youth, staff and volunteers from Hope Church enjoyed a meal and spent time getting to know each other. We then heard from Eden Holt, who led a fantastic discussion on self-esteem! She gave some great tools to remind our team and youth of our value and importance. 

In February, youth got to participate in judging a chili cook-off put on by the Sunrise Rotary Club. Nick Ibarra, a wellness coach, encouraged everyone with his story. It was a blast!

We serve youth in 41 counties across Missouri. While we continue to meet in Springfield, Missouri, our LifeCoaches around Missouri will begin hosting their own version of the Social Capital Club. They will be able to join virtually over zoom on their own or meet with a group of youth to watch together.

Our youth are enjoying the chance to gather together each month!