What does it mean to “Teach With Your Life”?

Guest Writer: I Pour Life CEO, Julie Higgins

One early morning I was reading my bible and came across 1 Timothy 4:11-12: “Get the word out. Teach all these things. And don’t let anyone put you down because you’re young. Teach believers with your life: by word, by demeanor, by love, by faith, by integrity.”

A thought came, “How do I teach with my life?” After reading this I thought, how do my actions, words, acts of unconditional love, and integrity bring life to others? How can I let the good in me bring out the best in others? Not only to those who perhaps have the same beliefs, but most importantly to those who may disagree with me? If one were able to scribe the results of how to “teach with your life,” what would this daily story be? 

Teach with your life means to let the good in you bring life to others. It is an approach to people with no expectations of gratitude or reciprocation of love and kindness. It’s letting your positivity, unconditional love, and random acts of kindness plant a desire for others to become a better version of themselves. And it is not attempting to change people to be like you.

We have enough of “ourselves” and don’t need more clones to make this world a better place. However, teaching with your life is seeing we’re all made differently. Through our differences, we can come together and bring life to one another. 

To teach with your life is to drop differences to make a difference. It’s understanding that while we won’t always agree on every topic, one thing we can agree on is to do what is right for others regardless of our differences. It’s understanding we may live in different places, different ways, look different, and act a little different, however, we all have a heart, a desire to be loved and needed.

Your life can teach someone they are valued and loved. You can plant that necessary seed that gives them the desire to begin doing the same as you: letting the good pour out on others and to Teach With Your Life.Spread the love