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hainee has been part of the I Pour Life family for 4 years. She is a favorite face at the I Pour Life office. She will brighten up anyone’s day with her compassion and kindness. Today, we want to give her the microphone (or keyboard) to share her story:

GUEST BLOGGER: Chainee, LifeStrengths Young Professional

I entered into the care of the state when I was 13 years old and I was in kinship placements which means I lived with family members. I started out by moving to California to live with my aunt. When I was 14 I moved back to Joplin, Missouri and lived in a group home. This is when I started visitation with my biological father. When I was 15, my father regained full custody of me. But only 3 months later I went back into the system and was put in a foster home. Shortly after, I was placed in a group home and was in and out of different facilities for the next 4 years. 

I was then put into a transitional living program in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. The staff was amazing there and I still talk to them to this day. One of which kept me under her wing once I moved to Springfield. I now have the honor of calling her Mom. Once I moved to Springfield, I joined I Pour Life. I also joined the Excel college program. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for these two programs and my mom, I would have gone down the wrong path.

Six short months later I met my husband, Stefan, at the I Pour Life Festival and a year later, we got pregnant. While I was pregnant, Stefan was in the process of getting adopted by a loving family.  Stefan and I got married and 3 weeks later, and then I aged out of state care. 

Because of I Pour Life and the many people that loved me along the way, I had a world of support when I aged out of government care. I am so grateful for the people who have stood by my side throughout my life. 


What is LifeStrengths?

LifeStrengths helps at-risk youth develop resilience, determination, and grit to achieve their dreams. Part of the 1-on-1 coaching process includes creating social capital, a network of healthy relationships the youth can lean on to guide their personal and professional life ahead. Chainee worked to create support systems in many areas of her life, leading to a lifelong network of individuals cheering her on through milestones and successes. 

The latest achievements? Chainee recently received a job promotion and is welcoming her second daughter later this year. 

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