One of the Women Raising a Family in a Garbage Dump

Kore is a district of Ethiopia, just outside the city of Addis Ababa. It is home to over 100,000 Ethiopians, but it is not just a town. It is simultaneously the location of the largest garbage dump in Addis Ababa. Men, women and children live among hills of garbage produced by the capital city of Ethiopia. 

Mesela Sehalu is one of the women who resides in Kore. She runs a household of six, in a home with dirt floors, two rooms and no running water. Her husband works as a day laborer and was the primary source of income for the family as Mesela became a stay at home mother.

Mesela and her husband are both HIV positive. HIV interferes with their ability to fight infections and makes living and working extremely difficult. Because of her health condition, she is unable to do most work. Despite this, Meselu does not let HIV define her life. 

Mesela joined I Pour Life Ethiopia two years ago. She was introduced to a LifeCoach who met with her weekly and guided her through the Ethiopia LifeStrengths Curriculum. This process gave Mesela practical tools and knowledge to start dreaming about what she was capable of. Through this, Meselu decided to become a street vendor. 

I Pour Life Ethiopia was able to provide her with materials that allowed her to start her business and after two years of hard work, she is the best performing woman in the program. Meselu was able to save $250 and invest back into her business.

She now is able to financially support her family and is encouraged to increase her knowledge. Meselu has become a member of the Saving and credit cooperative association (SACCA) and will work with other women in the I Pour Life Ethiopia program to sell her products at the new washhouse market. 

The market is an opportunity for members of the community to use bathing and toilet facilities when they purchase goods from women like Meselu. This fulfills a need in Kore and gives women in our program a chance to support their families self-sufficiently. 

To support women like Meselu, you can give here and choose for your giving to support Ethiopia.