I Pour Life Kore: Challenges of Growing a Business During COVID-19

Many women living in Kore, Ethiopia have minimal education, multiple children, and few options to support themselves and their families. Often they are relegated to begging on the street, which rarely enables them to sufficiently feed and clothe their children. Women who are not educated or given options to create a healthy life pass this cycle of poverty on to their children.

I Pour Life focuses on sustainability, which changes the trajectory of marginalized women and children. As a woman is able to give her family basic necessities, she sets an example for the next generation and is able to pass on the confidence and skills for them to succeed as well.

We have provided coaching services and support for nearly 400 women in Kore through I Pour Life’s women’s empowerment program. When 400 women are given hope for a better future, it translates into more than 1700 lives being positively impacted through our development-focused work.

Yayesh is a female entrepreneur who has gone through IGA training and has learned how to create an appealing aesthetic in her business as well as communicate to customers in a manner that develops relationships and builds her business.

Yayesh’s store before working with
I Pour Life

Photos here show her store when she first began working with the I Pour Life team. The video below demonstrates changes that have taken place as a result of the coaching from our Kore team. Yayesh has also expanded her offerings to include a more diverse set of products, which increases her value to the community and allows her to provide more substantially for her family.

The I Pour Life Kore team wishes you could see the change in each of the nearly 400 women who participated in our training. Watching a woman develop a sense of independence and control over her future is the greatest reward. We are forever grateful for the support you continue to provide to change the beautiful faces in this city.

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