At-Risk Youth Proves that Anyone Can Thrive

Harper’s Story

Harper is just 18 years old and an exceptional example of the phrase “Anyone can thrive”. For the first 10 years of her life, she grew up in a home where both of her parents were addicts. When she was 10, her father was put in prison. He was in and out of prison for the duration of her childhood. Harper then moved in with her aunt and uncle. She lived there for 7 years until Harper’s relationship with her aunt and uncle became too toxic for her to stay.

In 2020, Harper’s dad was released from prison, she moved out of her home to a transitional living center, and graduated a year early from high school. She graduated with all A’s and was a part of the A+ honors program. The state also gave her a scholarship for outstanding academic achievements. Harper accomplished all of this while her father was in prison and while living in a toxic environment.

She then began meeting with Katie, a LifeCoach at I Pour Life. Harper meets with Katie weekly and Katie assists her in achieving her personal goals. 

Harper is extremely motivated to achieve her goals despite the role models she had growing up. Katie explained that “Harper has grown tremendously. She has learned how to set healthy boundaries with family members who have been toxic and I have noticed her mature with her confidence. She has learned self care, to focus on only what she can control, how to cope with her strong emotions and to calm down in healthy ways.”

Today, Harper is a freshman in college at Missouri Southern State University. She lives in the dorms and is saving up for a car. Her plan is to become a lawyer. Her resilience is incredible to see. Harper has overcome and learnt more in 18 years than most do in their entire lives.

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