A Story of Hardwork and Resilence from a Youth Formerly in Foster Care

During National Foster Care Month, we not only want to share awareness of the hardships youth in foster care face, but also the resilience that many youths have despite the circumstances they have experienced in foster care. 

In the United States, 66% of high school graduates enroll in college the next semester. Only 26% of youth who grew up in foster care can say the same. 

Brynn (name changed for privacy), a youth in I Pour Life, is a part of that 26%.

Brynn grew up under the care of her grandparents. As she grew up and her grandparents aged, she became their caretaker of the home. At a young age, Brynn was working, paying the bills and running the household.

When Brynn was 16 her grandfather passed away. Because her grandmother was no longer able to care for her, she was placed into foster care. 

Despite these circumstances, “she doesn’t quit,” her LifeCoach said. “She is always busy and looking to see how she can use her time to further her goals. She uses very positive, coping mechanisms and puts a lot of focus on her goals.”

Brynn’s resilience and hard work have paid off because Brynn will attend has her first year of college at no cost to her. 

Brynn will attend UMKC, a public research university in Kansas City, Missouri which costs $30,000 to attend. Brynn has spent countless hours applying for scholarships and grants to completely cover this cost. This last week she received an additional $10,000 in scholarships to put toward her schooling.

“She has spent so much time applying for scholarships over the last year to make this happen! I am so proud.” her LifeCoach said.   

Brynn has goals to advocate for foster youth and write a book. We can’t wait to see her accomplish these goals and more!

“When she comes up with a goal she accomplishes it” -Brynn’s Lifecoach

We are so proud of Brynn and know that she will continue to accomplish amazing things. Congratulations Brynn!