The Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Program (GWE) brings women’s empowerment and sustainability together by providing a hand up through learned skills and business management.

Currently, GWE serves families in Korah, Ethiopia.


The Global Women's Economic Empowerment Program is a women-led family empowerment program which seeks to end the cycle of extreme poverty and social isolation in Korah, Ethiopia. GWE empowers women who are living with leprosy and/or HIV/AIDS by providing skills-based training, financial education, and start-up capital for a business. Over the course of 10 months, groups of women receive training as they develop and establish a business and begin generating an income. These businesses are funded by your donations to I Pour Life.


The women in GWE have shown strength in the face of unspeakable adversity. Because of the stigma associated with disease, women living with leprosy and/or HIV/AIDS are ostracized from their families. Many of these women are unable to find work and, as a result, are at risk of losing their children. However, they are resilient, compassionate, and determined to provide a better future for their families, which is why they have succeeded in the GWE program.


GWE creates a ripple effect that ends the cycle of poverty. The GWE program empowers the most marginalized women in Ethiopia to become self-sufficient. As the women generate an income, they are able to place their children in school, employ community and family members, and lift themselves out of poverty in a dignified manner. Many of the women have started second businesses and are employing their families and friends. Through these experiences and opportunities, leaders are born and communities are strengthened.


  • 149

    Lives changed forever.
  • $1,000

    To sponsor one woman's journey.
  • 504

    People directly affected by sustainability.

Our goal is to send 1,000 women through GWE in 3 years.

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