At age fifteen, Woineshet–also known as Wini–was diagnosed with leprosy. After her primary caretaker and guardian passed away, Winnie came to Kore. There, she found a bit of solace living in a city among others with conditions like hers. But life in Kore wasn’t easy. Without a family, she was forced to beg and live in the streets. She was stressed and unhappy with her life in Kore.

Winnie with her hands up in there air in excitementWinnie says she feels so lucky that she found I Pour Life and this global family. The Global Women’s Economic Empowerment program has allowed Winnie to receive business training and capital to obtain kitchen supplies to sell in the market.

Winnie’s face lit up as she spoke of her many hopes for the future now that she has a way to make a living. She wants to have a house of her own one day and to become a great businesswoman. She also desires to be recognized as a strong person– a changed woman. Winnie told us that as a successful businesswoman, she can do good things for others. “I feel that once others see my change, little by little our community will change. It will be a much better place for all of us.”

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