No one ages out of our family, so all are welcome at these dinners.”

On the second Thursday of every month, I Pour Life holds a family dinner at our office in Springfield, Missouri. A family dinner is just as it sounds, our local family comes together to eat and enjoy one another’s company. 

The purpose of these dinners is to serve our youth and adults who are still part of the I Pour Life family. No one ages out of our family, so all are welcome at these dinners! At each dinner, games are played and there are fun activities for the youth to participate in. For Christmas, there was a gingerbread house-building contest and each youth got to decorate and stuff a stocking. 

Each dinner brings together our I Pour Life family and the Springfield community. The host of a family dinner can be anyone from the community. They provide a meal and serve the meal to our family. These volunteers are crucial to the existence of family dinners. 

January’s Family Dinner

At the most recent dinner, on January 9th, the Rotary Club of Springfield Sunrise hosted the annual chili cookoff. Our family voted on the best chili and Thomas Peters was crowned as the champion. The Rotary club has shown incredible support to I Pour Life even beyond hosting family dinners. I Pour Life has received large international grants from Rotary, and locally Rotarians have provided office furnishings, helped maintain our “I Pour Life House”, and even built custom doors for our rooms. Yet one of the greatest gifts is the way they continue to show up and support our youth every month. 

I Pour Life would not function without the generosity of our volunteers and donors. Special thanks to our January Family Dinner sponsor, Rotary Club of Springfield Sunrise!

You can be apart of making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth. Learn how to host a family dinner here or find other opportunities to volunteer at I Pour Life here.

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