We want to take some time to brag on our incredibly motivated and hardworking youth. Through LifeStrengths, older foster youth meet with a LifeCoach weekly to help each of them discover their unique strengths and successfully transition out of state’s care. Check out some of the amazing accomplishments that happened just this week!

The following statements about I Pour Life Youth’s successes come directly from their LifeCoaches. 

One of the girls I coach has retained a full-time job for months, purchased a car, and will be fully regaining custody of her daughter by the end of this week!! -Hope, Springfield LifeCoach

One of the guys I coach went from being homeless to finally getting in an apartment this past week while graduating high school. Lots of celebration for getting off of the streets!! -Colton, Springfield LifeCoach

Claire was kicked out of a group home and became homeless. I assisted her to get into a homeless apartment program and she has been killing it. She has stayed employed through being in this program, worked on building a savings account, and today she started school at Paul Mitchell which has been a huge dream of hers. She is killing it. She really hit rock bottom and took that to motivate her to reach this goal. I am so proud of how hard she has worked to get into this program! – Kayla, Springfield LifeCoach

Grace bought a second car with cash! It is an SUV and she is so proud. –Kayla, Springfield LifeCoach

One of the goals we set at the beginning of when I started coaching her was for her to get a job as soon as she turned 16. This past Sunday was her 16th B-Day. She started putting in applications immediately and had two job interviews today. One at Burger King and one at a restaurant. Yesterday on our coaching call we did the employment section of the workbook and I did Mock Interview with her. She was really nervous so worked on building up her confidence as well. Today she got the Burger King job on the spot and starts tomorrow morning and we are still waiting to hear back about other job. One thing that was impressive to me about her was once she put in her application she called the employer to put a name to her application. Her persistence paid off!! – Katie, Branson LifeCoach

One of my youth got a contingent offer today from amazon for $15/hr! She just has to pass the background and drug test Monday! So proud of her- she’s been super motivated throughout this whole process and applying/getting a birth certificate on her own. Once she is making an income she wants to apply for low-income apartments to start doing things on her own – Morgan,  Springfield LifeCoach

One of the youth I coach passed his driving test today! – Andreas, Springfield LifeCoach

One of my girls, who the very first time I met her said, “I don’t want to go to college…I’m not smart enough and I couldn’t do it,” shared with me today that she wants to attend nursing school!! She said there were some people on her team who told her she wouldn’t pass anything past college, but after having a few people around her truly believe in her, she has decided she wants to give it a try! This is a big win for so many reasons. One is just a few months ago she was kicked out of her previous placement due to a suicide attempt. And now here she is, not very long after, in a much healthier place and dreaming big for herself!! – Kierra, Springfield LifeCoach

Thank you for supporting youth so they can thrive and reach their full potential. 

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