Guest Writer: Andreas Moeller, Youth LifeCoach

Most of the guys I coach are in the foster care system because of abuse and neglect. The most common reason being their parents were addicted to drugs but this is not always the case. One of the youth I coach ended in up foster care because of a very unique form of neglect. 

When Daniel was a young teen he and his mom began fighting. This is when she began planning a trip for the two of them to go to a developing country. They were booked on two separate flights, with Daniel’s flight leaving before his mothers. 

Daniel ended up on the other side of the world. His mother never left the United States.

Daniel was a smart kid and quickly learned the street smarts necessary to survive in a foreign country. For 4 months, Daniel fought each day in a completely unknown environment as a young teen. After those several months, the US government finally learned that he was stuck on an island. They brought him back to the states and he was placed into the foster care system.

A Fresh Start

I met him a couple years later when he was nominated for LifeStrengths, I Pour Life’s positive youth development program. I have been coaching him for close to a year now. Over time, we have developed a genuine, trust-filled relationship which has helped facilitate a lot of growth and personal development. 

He knows how to survive; it was how he made it through his mother’s abusive parenting and his time overseas. Now, we are working on using those strengths and skills to help him succeed.

We have talked through the 4 life areas of Relationships, Identity, Situations, and Emotions (RISE), which make up the core of the LifeStrengths developmental curriculum. Through these conversations, we have identified and refined his strengths and developed success-oriented mindsets and skills. 

Daniel has now been accepted into college and will be pursuing a degree in business. He has great ambition and dreams of being a successful businessman. I believe that he has the drive, abilities, and character to make his dreams a reality.

Since the COVID-19 shutdown, I have been connecting with him virtually. While much of society seems to be standing still, he is continuing to make progress in his personal development. We are continuously talking about situations and lessons pertaining to the 4 life areas of RISE. His grades are amazing and he is on track to graduate in May. 

I am excited to see what happens in his life as he continues to move forward. Furthermore, I am thankful to God that I get to be a part of his journey.

This blog post was written by Andreas Moeller, a youth LifeCoaches at I Pour Life.

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