Stefan was one of the first young men to be nominated for our LifeStrengths program. We arranged a time and place to meet for the first time. On that day, I drove to his apartment complex and waited for him in the parking lot, but he never showed up. After this happened again, I decided I would wait for him to get in touch with me, but he never did. Stefan ended up leaving the program that had initially referred him to us, and I assumed our opportunity to work with Stefan had passed. I was disappointed because I had heard he had been through a lot but had a lot of promise.

Several months passed and I received a nomination from a different organization with Stefan?s name on it. Lo and behold, we were given another opportunity with Stefan, and this time, he was not getting away from us. At that time he did not have a stable place to live, so we needed to address that first. Thankfully, a place was made available to him through the incredible Life360 House.

The following week, Stefan showed up at the I Pour Life house. He was ready to meet, but I don?t think he knew what to expect or what we might expect from him. I?m not calling Stefan lazy, but he didn?t seem to demonstrate much motivation or personal initiative. His first day in the house, he got his first intense coaching session related to looking for work. Soon after, he spoke to me about the plans he had for purchasing a car and what kind of loan he could get. Anyone that knows me well knows I?m opposed to collecting debt, and this was the topic of his second intense coaching session.

Since those first coaching sessions, Stefan has started working at a local industrial company. He currently works full-time overnights. He has a solid plan to pay off the debt he owes and has recently purchased a vehicle in cash. He took care of the registration and insurance by himself and now proudly drives around his very own vehicle. He is almost done paying off all his other debt and is excited about moving forward.

This success is all Stefan?s ? his responsibility, his vehicle, his life. We don?t do the work for the young people we are privileged to work with, we simply provide an environment for positive growth. We are here to coach them along the way, but they are the champions on the field. Here at I Pour Life, we consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of their stories.

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