OVC Frequently Asked Questions

Are you starting an orphanage?
No, the Ethiopian government has actually barred any new orphanages from opening at this time. Instead, we are creating ways for orphaned children to stay with an extended relative or guardian who loves them but who may need help providing for the child’s immediate needs due to extreme levels of poverty. Children will come to our compound in Kore during the day or go to school (depending on their age) and then will go home to be with their families at night.
How many kids are in the program?
We currently have 30 children, ages 0-6 in the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children program in Kore, Ethiopia. But, there are more orphans we could support with your help!
Can I adopt one of the children you work with?
It is not possible to adopt one of the children we work with. I Pour Life is not an adoption agency and therefore cannot facilitate the adoption of any children. In addition, intercountry adoptions with Ethiopia are closed, which means non-Ethiopian families cannot adopt Ethiopian children at this time. Our approach to Orphan Care is all about helping keep families together, as many orphaned children in Ethiopia have living relatives who would love to keep them, but often have to make difficult decisions based on extreme levels of poverty or illness. I Pour Life is focused on helping each child and his/her entire family thrive so that these children can grow up in a family knowing they are loved and valued.
How are children matched with a guardian if they have no living relatives?

Most children referred to our program already have a guardian in the community who has been caring for them in the absence of a living relative. But, if the child has been living on the streets with no one to care for them, I Pour Life works with the local Women & Children’s government office and our in-country staff to identify a family in the community who would be a good match for the child and who has the financial ability (or potential with training) to care for the child.

Can I sponsor or get information about a specific child?

Due to the size of the program, at this time, we are not able to offer individualized child sponsorships. All funding that comes in for the program goes into the same fund to support ALL children in the program. So, when you become a monthly sponsor, you’ll get updates on a different child in the program every month. This way, you get to know every child in our program and become a part of their global family!

What does my monthly sponsorship cover for a child?

An average donation of $30 per month allows an orphaned child in Kore to have a chance at childhood and thrive. Children ages 0-3 in the program receive community-based care and a preschool education, including receiving 2 full meals per day. Children ages 4-6 in the program receive a scholarship to go to school, including their annual school fee, required uniforms, backpack, and school supplies. They are also fed two meals per day, including a packed school lunch. All children go home to be cared for by their relatives or guardians in the evening. By caring for the children’s needs during the day, we’re allowing their relatives or guardians to have peace of mind that their child is safe and allow them to secure employment to provide for their family (learn more about our economic empowerment programs here). But, most of all, each child gets the chance to grow up knowing they are loved, valued, and have a family who will always be there for them.

Can I come visit the children in Kore?
Yes, we host multiple teams in Kore every year, which would include serving our OVC program. For more information on trips, visit our Trips page.
Can I donate books/clothes/toys to the children in Kore?
We are not able to accept and ship physical donations to Kore at this time. However, if you live in the United States, please check out our local program LifeStrengths to see if there are any immediate needs in your area.

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