Muyluya and Gashaw are both part of I Pour Life Ethiopia’s Youth Development program. They are working toward opening a mobile phone repair shop together.

Meet Muluya

“My dreams are finally in reach.”

“Hi! My name is Muluya Tesfaw. 

I am part of I Pour Life Ethiopia. Every week I meet with my LifeCoach who helps me focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses. I focus on what I am capable of instead of the challenges I face.

Since being at I Pour Life Ethiopia, I have completed the first month of my course on mobile and smartphone maintenance. My goal is to open my own mobile phone repair shop and now I’m only one month away from graduating. My dreams are finally in reach.

I feel so prepared to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. I have my own bank account and I’ve been saving money so I’ll be ready to open my shop once I graduate. I have starting reading a lot and I’ve learned so much. Not only have I learned practical skills, I am so much more confident in myself. I use to think I didn’t offer much to the people around me, but my attitude has completely changed. Now I volunteer with I Pour Life Ethiopia and I know I have so much to offer the world. I’ve taken control of my life and I am responsible for accomplishing my dreams.”

Meet Gashaw

“My LifeCoach at I Pour Life Ethiopia is helping me make my mark on the world.”

“My name is Gashaw Derbaw and I am part of the youth program at I Pour Life Ethiopia.

One of my favorite things in the world is football and through I Pour Life Ethiopia, I get to teach kids how to play football and I get to play for the club here. My dream has always been to play football. I now get to play all the time.

Along with my goal to be a football player, I would like to open my own mobile phone repair shop. I’ve completed a month of the course on mobile phone maintenance and I’ll be accomplishing my goals soon.

My LifeCoach at I Pour Life Ethiopia is helping me make my mark on the world. I had given up on my dreams and I had trouble identifying myself. I was in a dark place after I left school as I could no longer afford college, but that was two years ago. Now I have huge plans for my future and my perspective on people and life itself has completely changed.”

I Pour Life Ethiopia is restoring hope for at-risk youth while providing practical tools to lift themselves out of poverty and into a thriving future.

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