When Leza was very young her parents sent her from a rural town in Ethiopia to the capital to live and be supported by her grandfather. Unfortunately, when Leza was in middle school her grandfather became very sick and passed away. This forced Leza to drop-out of school in order to work and provide for herself by doing any job that became available. 

Leza is now 23, a young mother, and has the desire to become a poet! She started one-on-one coaching in I Pour Life’s Youth Empowerment Program earlier this year, and with the help of her LifeCoach, is now making a living as a seamstress and learning to recognize her inherent talents! Her love of language and poetry is shown at the I Pour Life compound nearly every day when she volunteers her time to teach illiterate women in the community how to read and write the local language, Amharic

Leza recently shared the poem below with her LifeCoach and we couldn’t help but share it with you! Her poem challenges and inspires us to work side-by-side with the people of Kore for a brighter future!

POVERTY by Leza Melkamu
How can I express the life of human being
It carries happiness and sadness
I see children who don’t get one meal a day
Who are starving to death with hunger and thirst
Going to school without a lunch box
It brings psychological damage and affects their capacity to be educated
A small carton on the street is their bed
Unable to make food at home
Looking for a hand out
Begging each day to survive
The darkness of people and the darkness of begging
Affect their thoughts about their future
Even though they can become the leaders of tomorrow
Their time passes in the pace of hopelessness
Therefore I say let us hold their hands
Believing they will be light to the future of our country
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