I Pour Life’s Founder and CEO, Julie Higgins, recently hosted a Facebook Live to answer questions from the public about I Pour Life’s LifeStrengths Programs.

How old are the youth you serve?

15-24, but youth never age out of LifeStrengths. Once we bring a youth into our family they are apart of our family forever. 

Do you offer overnight placement? 

We don’t house youth overnight but we have a monthly family dinner and we want our local family members to be able to come in anytime and take part of our house. Overnight Placement would be apart of relief and rehabilitation. We focus on development.

How do you select youth for your program? 

We really feel called to target youth that don’t have family support, foster care kids especially. We work hand and hand with partnerships that nominate youth to us that show signs of that youth being ready to be coached. Then we partner that youth with a coach. We allow all youth into our family no matter what. 

What would disqualify a youth from being in your program? 

Sometimes youth aren’t at a place to desire to be developed. We might say that we think you need a break from us until they are ready to be coached again. 

Does LifeStrengths target homeless youth?

We really encourage youth to receive relief and rehabilitation and then we strictly focus on the development.

Ask Me Anything: LifeStrengths Edition

Ask Me Anything: LifeStrengths EditionPlease ask any additional questions you have in the comments so Julie can answer them!

Posted by I Pour Life on Tuesday, December 17, 2019
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