This blog post was written by one of our incredible LifeStrengths coaches, Kierra Mundt. She shares about a youth she has been coaching that inspires her.

Every time I meet with one of my youth I think of the word “resilience”. It seems like nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams.

She is an entertainer and was one from a young age. She is always making everyone around her laugh, even when the circumstances are hard to find joy in. Of all the hardships she has shared with me from her past (parents who abused drugs, an older brother with a bright future who left it to pursue a similar path as his parents, struggling to gain a sense of security as she moved from placement to placement), she has never stopped believing the best for herself and her future.

From the start of our relationship 4 months ago, she shared with me her dreams of having a career that provides people with compassionate attention, even though she wasn’t always shown that growing up. She has expressed interest in both the medical field and in being an esthetician. We recently toured a school specializing in cosmetology together. I watched as she walked around wide-eyed, full of wonder and excitement at how close achieving her dreams has become. She also toured a medical facility and is now choosing between the two!

Virtual Coaching

As we have now moved to virtual coaching, our time together looks a little different but constantly laughing together hasn’t changed. We are currently working through what having a healthy self-image looks like. She is learning how continuing to cultivate a positive self-image will help her reach even her wildest dreams.

I am looking forward to connecting with her this week. I know some of the first words we say will be how much we miss seeing each other in person and I can’t wait for that day. And I actually owe her a celebration– she recently became one of the first girls in the group home she is living in to pass her permit test!! This girl continues to amaze me and everyone around her.

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