As a nonprofit, I Pour Life needs community buy-in and support to continue changing lives. One of our wonderful partners, Renegade Chemicals, is passionate about using their resources to impact youth in our LifeStrengths program.

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Renegade Chemicals is a Research and Development Company for environmentally responsible cleaning products. Their primary focus is to provide products that are safe for the environment and for those who use them. Renegade’s products go beyond everyday cleaning supplies. Instead, they set their focus on industrial and innovative products. This includes football helmet cleaners, dry erase board cleaners and other products that are sold all over the world.

Renegade reached out to partner with I Pour Life because they strive to work alongside organizations that provide sustainable change for people in the Springfield community. Renegade’s heart for supporting the community has been inspired by the blessings they’ve been given. The owner of Renegade Chemicals, Michael Tyndall, told us “There are a lot of good things happening in our community and we’re glad to help.” 

So how can a chemical company impact the youth in their community? 

A few years ago, Renegade launched a household cleaning supply line called AMA. The focus was to bring safe cleaning supplies to homeowners while also giving back. A portion of their product sales go to I Pour Life’s LifeStrengths program. They also gift our youth with a basket of cleaning supplies when they hit a very important milestone — independent living

Renegade recognizes the importance to support and congratulate the youth who are celebrating this accomplishment of living independently. There is a huge sense of pride and hope when you get your first new place and their cleaning products ensure the young adults have clean homes without spending money on expensive products. At this stage in their life, every dollar is important.

Renegade donated a portion of their AMA profits to I Pour Life, Michael Tyndall told us this was because “Making a profit wasn’t the goal. We chose to partner with I Pour Life because, like us, they want to make a difference locally and internationally through service and education.  The I Pour Life program is about educating, mentoring, and helping people who really want to make their lives better. What more could you ask for?”

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Read more about Renegade Chemicals here and learn more about the LifeStrengths program here. 

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