Julia’s childhood was one of constant change and frequent rejection. She grew up in the foster care system. While she may have had many houses to live in, she lacked a stable home. When Julia turned 18 and she aged out of government care, she lost even a house to live in. She was left completely alone in the world. Julia didn’t have a family or support system to lean on during the biggest transition of her life. This is when she started living at the Life 360 House and joined the I Pour Life LifeStrengths program. Julia then started receiving one-on-one coaching support.

She has only been with I Pour Life for a year but has already proven herself to be an incredibly hard worker. Julia is working 40 hours a week as a lifeguard at the YMCA and is a full-time student. She is very ambitious and excited about what the future has in store for her. 

Helping Others

Julia is driven for improvement in her own life, and she desires to make a difference in other lives as well. Julia wants to help develop other at-risk youth because of the change that has occurred in her own life. Her dream career is to serve children or individuals with disabilities. She is now one step closer to achieving that dream.

This past summer, after many hours of dedicated work at an entry-level position, Julia found out that she had been accepted into a program called Jobs for Life. Jobs for Life is a series of work readiness classes that help prepare individuals for a career. After completing this program, Julia is almost guaranteed to receive a reputable job, making over $11 per hour. This is a huge opportunity for Julia to step into full self-sufficiency. It will allow her to impact lives aside from just her own. 

The growth Julia has experienced working with I Pour Life has not only changed her own life but will go on to impact the lives of whoever she comes in contact with.

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The Life 360 House is a program that seeks to give young people, who are down on their luck, a chance to succeed. I Pour Life partners with them often to assist at-risk youth. Read more about I Pour Life LifeStrengths here.

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