As the pandemic is slowly disarmed in the United States, several other countries are just beginning to feel the effects of COVID-19. This is sadly true for Ethiopia as there are now over 1,000 cases in the country whereas a month ago there were only 15 confirmed cases. 

There are now confirmed COVID-19 cases in the area surrounding Kore, Ethiopia. We have not yet heard of cases in the families I Pour Life serves. 

The families in Kore, Ethiopia typically live in homes of mud floors. The homes themselves are rarely 6 feet apart, which makes distancing close to impossible. The health care system in Ethiopia requires patients to pay before receiving treatment. If they are unable to pay, they will not receive any treatment. 

Despite these challenges, the government has done a great job of informing citizens. Whenever someone makes a phone call, a recorded message encourages people to practice social distancing. They put these precautions in very early to keep people safe. 

I Pour Life’s Work in Kore

In April, I Pour Life began distributing emergency water, food, and hygiene supplies to our families in the community. This was to help offset the dramatic economic impacts they are experiencing, including having no running water, business closures/loss of income, heightened inflation rates, and school closures. We are currently completing our third month of distributing emergency relief supplies.

Our I Pour Life team in Ethiopia continues to work diligently to ensure our families in Kore can not only survive this crisis, but continue to thrive when it’s over.

In addition to distributing emergency relief supplies, our team is also providing key virus prevention education to our families as they come to pick-up supplies, including proper handwashing, how to use a scarf as a mask, and how to best social distance despite the close proximity of other homes and businesses.

Our I Pour Life preschool and daycare in Kore remains closed in accordance with government distancing regulations. But our team in Ethiopia is staying in contact with all of our moms and children. They have been providing educational packets with basic school supplies for these families to help continue education at home.

How You Can Help

While we are hopeful that there will be a decrease in COVID-19 cases that will allow some restrictions to ease, the current state of emergency in Ethiopia is in effect for at least 2 more months. This means we still need your help. We’re looking for people who can sponsor a family in Kore to provide emergency relief supplies until women are able to reopen businesses and regain income. It only costs $18/month to provide essential water, food, and hygiene supplies for a family in Kore. 

But, above all, we would ask for your thoughts and prayers for our families in Kore. Many family members are at a higher risk because of existing health conditions, lack of access to water, and sanitation. Please pray with us that our families would stay healthy and protected in this critical time.

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