Many 18-year-olds are making the decision to forgo the path to college and start a career right out of high school. There are so many opportunities for young adults to succeed without attending a typical university if that is the path they choose. 

When youth at I Pour Life meet with their LifeStrengths coach, advancing education and workforce readiness are central focuses of their sessions. Whether the youth decides to work while continuing education or jump straight into the workforce, LifeCoaches play a critical role in helping a youth find success on their journey. 

Coaches work with youth on strategies to find employment opportunities as well as how to become a great employee. They learn how to develop a professional resume, complete a mock interview, apply for jobs and secure employment.  The relationships that youth have with their LifeCoaches assist in their social capital and ability to keep a job. 

Will’s Story

Will is a youth in the I Pour Life family who has been successful in beginning a career.  Will applied and was almost immediately hired as a hotel night auditor. He has been there now for 9 months and said: “This is the best job I have ever had.” The turnover rate is usually high for this job, but Will is committed to growing through this position. In his time there, Will has continued to receive more responsibilities. What he is learning is not only benefiting him in his current job but is also teaching him teamwork, communication skills and more that will assist him in the future. 

On the side, Will has been helping out his dad who owns a knife-making business. He and his dad have reconciled their relationship and now Will’s goal is to continue the family business. Because of his hope for the future, Will is motivated to work hard and be successful at his current job. Before this job, Will didn’t believe that he was capable of having so much responsibility. Will is confident in himself. He now knows that if he works hard he can achieve his goals.

Luke’s Story

Luke began work as a fast-food employee just 6 months ago and has quickly become the line manager. This means Luke is responsible for managing employees at the restaurant. This is the longest time Luke has been employed at one job. Luke learned through his coaching sessions that he can learn and grow in every position. At the start of this job, Luke was constantly asking questions when there was downtime. He would ask his coworkers and managers to teach him how to do tasks he wasn’t originally trained to complete.

One day, there was a huge rush and Luke was able to take charge with a limited amount of training. He worked very hard and was able to handle a ton of responsibilities, this is when he was promoted to the full line manager status. His next goal is to become a shift manager. Luke knows that if he works hard he will be successful and he is motivated to reach his goals. This is the longest time Luke has been employed at one job.

Many LifeStrengths youth don’t realize how much their hard work will pay off until they see it for themselves. By working hard at their jobs, no matter the salary or job title, they are able to experience positive results from their own efforts. Youth are then able to truly dream for the future and know they are capable of achieving great things.

LifeStrengths was created to meet the unique needs of at-risk youth. Learn more about the life-changing program here. Learn how to create more change by giving here.

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