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Over 100,000 people live in the community of Kore, Ethiopia, located on the Koshe garbage dump just outside the capital of Addis Ababa. The people of Kore live in extreme poverty with many relying on the trash dump to survive. Many in Kore have been diagnosed with leprosy or HIV, and as a result, have been shunned and become outcasts in their own society. But we believe your economic or social disadvantages should not define you and that with a hand up, the community of Kore can be transformed.

Our Objectives

We have big dreams for the community of Kore.

Our desire is to see a healthy, productive community in Kore by reducing the level of poverty and improving the livelihoods of families through a sustainable community development strategy.?Rather than having Kore streets lined with desperate individuals labeled as beggars, prostitutes, orphans, and/or at-risk youth, instead, Kore streets will be filled with entrepreneurs, tradesmen/women, and children in school uniforms living healthy lives.

Our Strategy Includes:

Creating opportunities for sustainable employment for women

Eliminating barriers to education for children

Providing resources to prevent children from going to orphanages and keeping families together

Increasing access to medical care and sanitation

Reducing the unemployment rate among youth

Our Programs

To accomplish these objectives, we launched three integrated programs in Kore:

Women?s Empowerment:

We teach women in Kore the business and finance skills they need to be able to launch their own businesses and sustainably lift themselves out of poverty.

Orphan Prevention & Care:

We help keep families together by providing community-based care for children that keeps them out of orphanages, in school, and in a loving family environment.

Youth Empowerment:

We pair homeless and at-risk youth in Kore with a LifeCoach that they meet with one-on-one on a weekly basis to help them discover their strengths, connect them to school and trade opportunities, and pursue their dreams.


LifeCoaching at-risk youth to help them discover their unique strengths and successfully transition into adulthood.

Orphaned & Vulnerable Children Care

Providing community-based care for orphans that helps keep families together.

Global Women?s Empowerment

Giving women the tools to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Funding Support

We believe that when you transform an individual, you transform a community. Will you help support someone?s journey to self-sufficiency and see their community transformed?

Keep a Family Together

Help keep a family together by providing community-based care for half orphaned children and economic support for their moms.

Launch a Business

Scholarship a woman to go through economic empowerment training and start her business to lift her family out of poverty.

Provide Family Empowerment

Scholarship a woman for economic empowerment and provide community-based care for her children that keeps them in school, fed, healthy, and with their family.

See a Dream Realized

Provide Life Coaching support for an at-risk or homeless youth in Kore that helps them discover their strengths and opportunities and pursue their dreams.


Join us in celebrating our global family and raising awareness for the Kore community!

Take a Trip to Kore With Us!

Come serve the families of Kore on an upcoming I Pour Life trip.

Global Partners

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