I Pour Life was founded in 2011 by Julie Higgins. After meeting a refugee woman in El Salvador named Rosa, God called Julie to step away from the corporate world and begin creating solutions for marginalized populations. When she met Rosa, she asked if Julie would bring her son back to the USA and raise him. She desperately wanted him to have a better life than she’d had. Julie said, “At this moment I knew my life would never be the same. I saw the opportunities that could be provided to marginalized populations.”

It has been a long journey from that day to where I Pour Life is today. 

“We have learned so much by never giving up. I am grateful for the feedback we continue to receive from those we serve, whom we call our local and global family members.”

In 2014 Julie stepped into Kore, Ethiopia, a community of individuals with leprosy and HIV/AIDS. “I knew this was the next place God wanted me to provide development for the people. It has been one of the greatest rewards meeting all the precious families in Kore. To some, they’re known as outcasts, but the people to me are known as family. I love them so much!” 

Julie was born in Springfield, Missouri. She would describe herself as fiercely motivated with grit and she is an enneagram type 8. As the CEO of a nonprofit, Julie stays busy each day. She typically wakes up at 5:30 am for her personal development time of exercising and reading the Bible. She then begins work at 7:30 am. Her workday includes calls, meetings, emails, strategy, and researching. From 8 pm-11 pm she tries not to work but usually ends up reading through research or replying to emails. 

Julie sees so many great things ahead for I Pour Life. She said, “I almost can’t sleep at night just knowing the possibilities and the ‘what ifs’ that can happen.”

“Even though I founded I Pour Life, our organization wouldn’t be where it is without our amazing team, donors, and partners, plus those who have journeyed with us and even moved on to other ventures. With each person, there’s always a takeaway, and I have learned a lot of lessons and which ones to take and leave.”

For anyone who hopes to start a nonprofit someday, Julie’s advice is to “research A LOT and work someplace you aspire to model your organization after.”

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