Get To Know Our Partners: Jeremy Johnson at North Point Church


North Point Church is a short drive down the highway from the I Pour Life headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. Since 2017, North Point Church has directly supported over 300 marginalized women through the I Pour Life Kore Development programs. This has provided the necessary support for single moms to move into entrepreneurship and prevent their children from becoming orphaned.  Jeremy Johnson, the lead pastor of North Point Church spoke with us about their partnership with I Pour Life:

Q&A with Jeremy

What is North Point’s Mission?

North Point exists to create a safe place for people to find and follow Jesus.

What makes a mission or cause attractive for North Point’s partnership?

We are eager to partner with other organizations that stand up, speak up and lift up those who are marginalized. When we can extend our reach globally with organizations that are helping others be valued, we look to support them.

What has encouraged  North Point to support I Pour Life?

By bringing dignity to those who have been discarded and bringing value to those who had been caught in the void, I Pour Life is making an impact that we want to fuel.

How does your congregation individually support the causes North Point champions?

North Pointers collectively invest in such a way that we are able to take our resources and support partners financially. We have also sent three North Point teams to Ethiopia to meet our global family and make the partnership personal.

What are you hopeful and excited about in your missional giveback strategy for North Point this year?

We are thrilled to give moms and children an opportunity to thrive where once they were discarded.

North Point has invested in the I Pour Life-Ethiopia vision and shares the mission to restore dignity to single mothers through their congregation in giving and prayer. The individual and corporate support from North Point has been foundational to the well-being, success, and restoration of over 300 families, which equals nearly 1000 individual lives. 

Special thanks to Pastor Jeremy and the entire North Point Church team and congregation! 

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