Before joining the I Pour Life family, Ejigayew’s husband passed away unexpectedly. This left her widowed, her two children, Natnahel and Sinjene, fatherless and the family without any sort of consistent income. This tragedy left Ejigayew and her family empty-handed with no money, no way to feed her children, and in what she described as a “state of darkness.”

Ejigayew with her two children, Sinjene and Natnahel

In May 2018, Ejigayew showed up on a list I Pour Life had received which included the poorest individuals being supported by the local government. Our staff met with her, and Ejigayew was launched into our Women’s Economic Empowerment program. Each woman in this program goes through an Income Generating Activity training. This allows each participant to identify a skill they possess and develop that talent into a business to generate money. Ejigayew decided that she could achieve the highest economic and lifestyle change by selling handmade clothes in the local market.

Because of her will, drive, and work ethic, Ejigayew’s business is now able to cover her family’s entire monthly expenses and also able to send both of her children to a private school! Ejigayew even went to the local government offices, where she was receiving some financial aid, and explained to them that she was no longer in need of assistance and that the support previously given to her would be better served by giving it to someone more in need.

“I Pour Life helped me to stand firm. I had my self-perception wrong but now, by the assistance of I Pour Life, I identified my strengths and was able to start working hard. That was the turning point in changing my life.” – Ejigayew

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