Great news! Thanks to your generosity, we raised over $41,000 to meet the critical needs of 500 foster youth and marginalized individuals supported by I Pour Life programs. You can still give to help us do even more.

New CARES Act Could Impact Your Tax Situation for 2020

Lawmakers recently passed the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) to help Americans adjust to new life circumstances from the pandemic. The new aid package will bring relief to our communities. It will also include new benefits to you for charitable giving to I Pour Life in response to the coronavirus. 

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Above-the-Line Charitable Contribution Deduction 

  • For the year 2020, individual taxpayers who do not itemize deductions may claim up to $300 of charitable contributions made as a deduction in arriving at adjusted gross income. 

Charitable Contribution Deduction Limits Increased

  • Cash contributions made by individual taxpayers in 2020 to public charities are subject to a limit of 100% of adjusted gross income – not the 60% limit that regularly applies
  • Contributions to supporting organizations or donor advised funds do not qualify for the increased limit 2. Cash contributions made by corporations in 2020 to public charities are subject to a limit of 25% of pretax income – not the 10% limit that regularly applies a. Contributions to supporting organizations or donor advised funds are not eligible for the increased limit 3. Excess contributions above these limits may be carried over  

We are excited to share that the Assemblies of God Credit Union (AGCU) has provided a $10,000 matching gift to help I Pour Life secure the remaining 50% of our fundraising goal. 

I Pour Life Supports Foster Youth & Marginalized Families

Emergency funds go to support the immediate needs of foster youth in America and impoverished families in Ethiopia whose daily lives have been affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Foster Youth Support

I Pour Life’s innovation solution leverages 100% virtual coaching to tackle the current challenges for foster youth compounded by coronavirus: 

  • Extreme Social Isolation
  • Mental Health
  • Uncertainty And Confusion

Pour Life is providing 100% virtual coaching to tackle the current challenges for foster youth compounded by coronavirus. Can you make an emergency gift to ensure we can reach the growing demand for foster youth coaching? 

$50 sponsors one session 

$150 sponsors a week of coaching 

$500 sponsors a month of coaching

Family Empowerment

I Pour Life’s family empowerment program in Ethiopia has pivoted to accommodate critical needs caused by school and business closures throughout the country. Currently water hasn’t been delivered to our community in one month, and families in Kore are beginning to visit the trash dump to forage for food and supplies for their families. Our emergency response is providing:

  • Emergency food, water, & hygiene kits
  • Homeschooling curriculum & supplies
  • Field coaching at a distance


Providing these essentials to a family in Kore costs only $18 per month. Can you commit to $18/month for 6 months? This will ensure families are covered until Ethiopia lifts all COVID19 related closures. 

I Pour Life’s Response to Coronavirus Crisis

I Pour Life is leading with innovation in response to community-wide shutdowns both locally and globally. As business-minded leaders, we have strategically planned to ensure all communication and programs can move forward successfully during this time.

To ensure the utmost safety of our staff and community, we have transitioned to a teleworking structure, leveraging virtual training and communication tools to adhere to social distancing requirements. We are hosting video meetings with partners and have increased organization-wide communications to ensure our team stays connected and supported. 

With coronavirus shutdowns, our programs are needed more than ever to ensure vulnerable populations are being supported. 



LifeCoaching support for youth in foster care is needed now more than ever. Foster youth are experiencing a dramatic increase in social isolation due to COVID-19 with schools closed, physical distancing measures in place, and residential facilities where many live forced to restrict access to outside guests. Many of our youth say they are struggling with depression, anxiety, and fear as they face this crisis alone. 

I Pour Life has seen a 25% increase in our caseload for LifeStrengths since mid-March as caseworkers, counselors, and community members recognize the need for greater support for foster youth right now. I Pour Life has been able to reach many at-risk youth that other agencies cannot because we aren’t restricted by certain state policies. 

Virtual coaching has also allowed us to expand our reach into rural areas of Missouri where support systems and resources for youth are even more limited. We are now coaching youth in the following areas: Springfield, Branson, Joplin, Lee Summit, and Kansas City. 

To read more about virtual LifeCoaching, click here.


I Pour Life has initiated an emergency response to meet critical needs for families we support in Kore, Ethiopia. The community has gone nearly one full month without water delivery and are living with an extremely limited food supply, causing many in Kore to forage the trash dump for scraps and supplies for their families. 

I Pour Life is providing food, water, and hygiene kits for all 300 women in the Women’s Economic Empowerment program. The kits will sustain their families, ensuring over 1300 individuals are able to eat, have access to clean water, and maintain a shelter over their heads. 

Additionally, we have temporarily shut down the I Pour Life daycare and preschool in Kore, Ethiopia in alignment with the country’s closure mandates, but we have continued providing training to moms on how to maintain early childhood development progress until we are able to reopen. Similar to summer school curriculum, moms will be working on fine and gross motor skills, educational songs, and more.

Providing these essentials to a family in Kore costs only $18 per month. 


There are three ways to support and empower change in a community: relief, rehabilitation, and development. I Pour Life is leading the connectivity between relief, rehabilitation, and development by providing an effective pathway to sustainable change for the individual and the greater community. Our programs are most recognized as the primary development support to shift an individual into self-sufficiency, both for foster youth and families living in extreme poverty in Kore. 

I Pour Life recognizes that during the coronavirus crisis, development programs must also be supplemented with necessary relief. If a person can’t eat, then they can’t think and certainly cannot thrive. Therefore, I Pour Life will continue the relief support while also maintaining a future-focused mindset and strategy that will position our program participants with the opportunity to continue moving forward when the coronavirus crisis is over.


We are so grateful for you, our donors, who have given to make these programs possible. We couldn’t do this without you and know that each person’s life changed through I Pour Life is a direct result of your generosity. 

If you have the means to donate to I Pour Life’s emergency response efforts, please contribute using the above giving form. For all questions about our emergency response, please email correy@ipourlife.org. 

We are in this together. 


Julie Higgins
Founder & CEO, I Pour Life

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