Older Foster Youth and The Cost of Doing Nothing

The Case for I Pour Life’s Development Intervention Model: LifeStrengths in a Post COVID World


General Objective
By implementing a positive youth development system for foster care and other at-risk youth, I Pour Life will provide financial analysis with supportive measurable outcomes which in turn will offer cost savings to the State of Missouri of $1.12 million every year. 

Area of Impact
State of Missouri, Regions: Southwest, Southeast, and  Kansas City

I Pour Life’s positive youth development program targets a critical foster care age group of 15-24. Through one-on-one life coaching, at-risk youth escape social isolation and become economically self-sufficient by increasing their social wealth and gaining social capital.  

The economic cost of poor outcomes for foster youth to the State of Missouri is $2.5 million every year without development intervention from I Pour Life. By investing $870 thousand in I Pour Life’s LifeStrengths program, the economic cost can be reduced to $500 thousand. Through this reduction in the cost of poor outcomes, I Pour Life can save the State of Missouri $1.12 million after its investment. 

The State of Missouri has the opportunity to become a state and national catalyst for the development of older foster care youth through a continued partnership with I Pour Life. Through this partnership, the state of Missouri will take part in an innovative approach to LifeCoaching older foster and at-risk youth to a place of economic self-sufficiency and exemplify that preventative investments are effective and impactful in reducing state budgets.

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