How I Pour Life has Become a Family

At I Pour Life, our LifeCoaches and staff love to put on unique and educational events for the youth in our LifeStrengths program. This month, we had several events, including a fun craft night for our girls, we delivered han …

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What is a Family Dinner?

“No one ages out of our family, so all are welcome at these dinners.” On the second Thursday of every month, I Pour Life holds a family dinner at our office in Springfield, Missouri. A family dinner is just as it sounds, our …

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Ask Me Anything with Julie Higgins

I Pour Life’s Founder and CEO, Julie Higgins, recently hosted a Facebook Live to answer questions from the public about I Pour Life’s  Global programs.  Did you know I Pour Life always hires national staff wherever a program …

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Meet Alemitu: A Story of Success

When Alemitu first came to I Pour Life, she was one of the most poverty-stricken women we’ve ever met. She was extremely depressed and discouraged, telling us, “I have no one left. When I came to Kore I was looking to find a …

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How A Community is Lifting Themselves Out of Generational Poverty

I Pour Life Ethiopia has been assisting the destitute women and at-risk youth of the Kore community since 2014.  I Pour Life supported the assembly of 53 women and 21 youth to form a Savings and Credit Cooperative Association …

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Global Women's Empowerment

Self-Confidence Changes Everything

When I Pour Life found Birtukan, she was hopeless, and helpless with very low self-esteem. She was living on her husband’s income from begging. Birtukan was recruited a year ago. She Is married to handicap man who begs for li …

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