Sitota is in a white dress smiling. She is thriving in the Early Childhood Education program.

A Charcoal Business Keeps a Family Together

When Alemitu first came to I Pour Life, she was one of the most poverty-stricken women we’ve ever met. She was extremely depressed and discouraged, telling us, “I have no one left. I came to Kore to find a solution for a medi …

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Together We Rise

For as long as I can remember, the troubles of the world have felt too big for me. I?d find myself depressed from focusing on the injustices surrounding me and couldn?t see my blessings because I was drowning in sadness. I wa …

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Portrait of Winnie Smiling at the camera

Wini: One Woman?s Hope for Her Community

At age fifteen, Woineshet ? also known as Wini ? was diagnosed with leprosy. After her primary caretaker and guardian passed away, Winnie came to Kore. There, she found a bit of solace living in a city among others with condi …

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