Get To Know Our Partners: Jeremy Johnson at North Point Church

GET TO KNOW OUR PARTNERS – JEREMY JOHNSON at NORTH POINT CHURCH North Point Church is a short drive down the highway from the I Pour Life headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. Since 2017, North Point Church has directly supp …

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Get To Know the Founder of I Pour Life

I Pour Life was founded in 2011 by Julie Higgins. After meeting a refugee woman in El Salvador named Rosa, God called Julie to step away from the corporate world and begin creating solutions for marginalized populations. When …

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Ask Me Anything with Julie Higgins

I Pour Life’s Founder and CEO, Julie Higgins, recently hosted a Facebook Live to answer questions from the public about I Pour Life’s  Global programs.  Did you know I Pour Life always hires national staff wherever a program …

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How A Community is Lifting Themselves Out of Generational Poverty

I Pour Life Ethiopia has been assisting the destitute women and at-risk youth of the Kore community since 2014.  I Pour Life supported the assembly of 53 women and 21 youth to form a Savings and Credit Cooperative Association …

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Global Women's Empowerment

Self-Confidence Changes Everything

When I Pour Life found Birtukan, she was hopeless, and helpless with very low self-esteem. She was living on her husband’s income from begging. Birtukan was recruited a year ago. She Is married to handicap man who begs for li …

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A group of Ethiopian children looking at camera

Growing The Family

I’ll never forget the first time I met them. They were smiling, giggling to one another about my accent, touching my clothes and hair. They wanted me to take their picture, to sing songs with them, to hold them. I can still f …

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