Guest Writer: Kierra Mundt, Youth LifeCoach

“Being the nicest person in the world.”

This is how a young woman I LifeCoach responded when I asked, “What do you want to be known for in your life?”

I wish I could capture the magnitude of this statement in a short post. Emily has faced many obstacles. She bounced from foster family to group home to a mental hospital. The more she shares about her past, the more in awe I am of the woman I see sitting in front of me. 

What I see is someone who is constantly smiling and laughing during our time together. Emily expresses gratitude when I buy her a coffee or message her to check-in. When I drop her off after one of our coaching sessions, she always leaves saying, “Thank you so much.” The most remarkable thing is how she does not hold grudges or bitterness towards those who have really hurt her. She is empathetic while maintaining strong boundaries.

During our 5 months together, we have discussed healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, having a positive self-image, and managing emotions. After each lesson, she has demonstrated a strong understanding of what those look like in her life. Fist bumps would end almost every in-person coaching session.

Our coaching has now transitioned to virtual sessions. I was a little nervous about how she would respond but over the past few weeks, something amazing has happened. She has opened up about things in her past only a few others know about. This new level of vulnerability has given us the opportunity to pursue even greater levels of self-sufficiency and wholeness.

I am grateful our relationship has reached this level of trust. I attribute this to a lot of love shared, but also to this new experience of being in the comfort of her own home while we work through things over the phone.

Every time she answers my call, I find myself smiling as her joy is so infectious it translates through a phone speaker, miles away. I am always so grateful I get to speak with such an amazing young woman.

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