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Unstoppable Chainee | Guest Blogger

Chainee has been part of the I Pour Life family for 4 years. She is a favorite face at the I Pour Life office. She will brighten up anyone’s day with her compassion and kindness. Today, we want to give her the microphone (or …

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How COVID-19 is Still Impacting Kore, Ethiopia

As the pandemic is slowly disarmed in the United States, several other countries are just beginning to feel the effects of COVID-19. This is sadly true for Ethiopia as there are now over 1,000 cases in the country whereas a m …

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Get To Know the Founder of I Pour Life

I Pour Life was founded in 2011 by Julie Higgins. After meeting a refugee woman in El Salvador named Rosa, God called Julie to step away from the corporate world and begin creating solutions for marginalized populations. When …

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Women Who Defy the Odds in Kore, Ethiopia

Both in the USA and in Ethiopia, I Pour Life focused on advancing education and preparing youth for independence. We have a particular focus on supporting youth who have odds stacked against them. Tesfa and Meaza are two wome …

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Mother’s Who Inspire Us: Liya’s Story

Mother’s day is on May 10th but we want to recognize the hardworking mothers around the world all year long. I Pour Life’s Global Women’s Empowerment program has allowed us to build relationships with incredible mothers in Ko …

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Mulunesh’s Inspiring Story of Empowerment

Women all over the world fight every day for education, independence, and to lift themselves out of generational poverty. In 2014, I Pour Life Ethiopia established Global Women’s Economic Empowerment (GWE). This program helps …

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