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I Pour Life Kore: Challenges of Growing a Business During COVID-19

Many women living in Kore, Ethiopia have minimal education, multiple children, and few options to support themselves and their families. Often they are relegated to begging on the street, which rarely enables them to sufficie …

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Get To Know Our Partners: Jeremy Johnson at North Point Church

GET TO KNOW OUR PARTNERS – JEREMY JOHNSON at NORTH POINT CHURCH North Point Church is a short drive down the highway from the I Pour Life headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. Since 2017, North Point Church has directly supp …

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Unstoppable Chainee | Guest Blogger

Chainee has been part of the I Pour Life family for 4 years. She is a favorite face at the I Pour Life office. She will brighten up anyone’s day with her compassion and kindness. Today, we want to give her the microphone (or …

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How COVID-19 is Still Impacting Kore, Ethiopia

As the pandemic is slowly disarmed in the United States, several other countries are just beginning to feel the effects of COVID-19. This is sadly true for Ethiopia as there are now over 1,000 cases in the country whereas a m …

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Get To Know the Founder of I Pour Life

I Pour Life was founded in 2011 by Julie Higgins. After meeting a refugee woman in El Salvador named Rosa, God called Julie to step away from the corporate world and begin creating solutions for marginalized populations. When …

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Women Who Defy the Odds in Kore, Ethiopia

Both in the USA and in Ethiopia, I Pour Life focused on advancing education and preparing youth for independence. We have a particular focus on supporting youth who have odds stacked against them. Tesfa and Meaza are two wome …

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