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LifeStrengths Ask Me Anything with Julie Higgins

I Pour Life’s Founder and CEO, Julie Higgins, recently hosted a Facebook Live to answer questions from the public about I Pour Life’s LifeStrengths Programs. How old are the youth you serve? 15-24, but youth never age out of …

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Austin Rises up After Repeated Abandonment

At only 17 years old, Austin was kicked out of his own home by his father and forced to transition into the world entirely alone. Unfortunately, this was not the first time Austin had been abandoned. At 4 years old his mother …

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How Youth are Positively Impacted by a Chemical Company

As a nonprofit, I Pour Life needs community buy-in and support to continue changing lives. One of our wonderful partners, Renegade Chemicals, is passionate about using their resources to impact youth in our LifeStrengths prog …

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Muluya & Gashaw’s Mobile Repair Shop Dreams Come True

Muyluya and Gashaw are both part of I Pour Life Ethiopia’s Youth Development program. They are working toward opening a mobile phone repair shop together. Meet Muluya “My dreams are finally in reach.” “Hi! My name is Muluya T …

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How Julia Transformed Her Life

Julia’s childhood was one of constant change and frequent rejection. She grew up in the foster care system. While she may have had many houses to live in, she lacked a stable home. When Julia turned 18 and she aged out of gov …

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Meet Alemitu: A Story of Success

When Alemitu first came to I Pour Life, she was one of the most poverty-stricken women we’ve ever met. She was extremely depressed and discouraged, telling us, “I have no one left. When I came to Kore I was looking to find a …

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