A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Women Who Defy the Odds in Kore, Ethiopia

Both in the USA and in Ethiopia, I Pour Life focused on advancing education and preparing youth for independence. We have a particular focus on supporting youth who have odds stacked against them. Tesfa and Meaza are two wome …

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Commencement Speech for Foster Youth from Alyson Stoner and Friends

Guest Writer: Alyson Stoner To The Class of 2020 There are infinite words of life wisdom to share in honor of your graduation. But words cannot express the mixed feelings in my heart for not getting to tell you in person. Thi …

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Building Connections From Miles Apart

Guest Writer: Kierra Mundt, Youth LifeCoach “Being the nicest person in the world.” This is how a young woman I LifeCoach responded when I asked, “What do you want to be known for in your life?” I wish I could capture the mag …

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Surviving Abandonment in a Foreign Country

Guest Writer: Andreas Moeller, Youth LifeCoach Most of the guys I coach are in the foster care system because of abuse and neglect. The most common reason being their parents were addicted to drugs but this is not always the …

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LifeCoaching is Needed Now More Than Ever

Life looks a little different for all of us right now. The I Pour Life team is working as hard as ever to serve our community, even from our home offices. With the shutdown of business and services, I Pour Life programs are n …

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Humor and Hard Work: This Girl Has Got It All

This blog post was written by one of our incredible LifeStrengths coaches, Kierra Mundt. She shares about a youth she has been coaching that inspires her. Every time I meet with one of my youth I think of the word “resilience …

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