Ejigayew?s Story

Before joining the I Pour Life family, Ejigayew?s husband passed away unexpectedly. This left her widowed, her two children, Natnahel and Sinjene, fatherless and the family without any sort of consistent income. This tragedy …

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Interview with Genna Hardwick

If everyone in this world would help someone, imagine what a better place this would be!

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Portait of Stephanie in a green fields with treess

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a self-proclaimed ?long-time fan? of I Pour Life who joined our team in June as our Operations Coordinator. We are so excited to have her in our family and wanted you to get to know her, so we asked her a few que …

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Portrait of Winnie Smiling at the camera

Wini: One Woman?s Hope for Her Community

At age fifteen, Woineshet ? also known as Wini ? was diagnosed with leprosy. After her primary caretaker and guardian passed away, Winnie came to Kore. There, she found a bit of solace living in a city among others with condi …

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Stephan posing next to a white car for the camera

Stefan: Learning How To Be Driven

Stefan was one of the first young men to be nominated for our LifeStrengths program. We arranged a time and place to meet for the first time. On that day, I drove to his apartment complex and waited for him in the parking lot …

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