Get To Know Our Partners: Jeremy Johnson at North Point Church

GET TO KNOW OUR PARTNERS – JEREMY JOHNSON at NORTH POINT CHURCH North Point Church is a short drive down the highway from the I Pour Life headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. Since 2017, North Point Church has directly supp …

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Finding a Sense of Meaning

Guest Writer: Andreas Moeller Life is hard. It is full of suffering. As such, it is important for a person to have a sense of meaning.  Meaning gives someone a reason to be alive, a reason to try. Without meaning, a pers …

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Tips for Onboarding Remote Interns

I Pour Life Business Tips In early March, like the rest of the world, we were confronted with a new challenge for business: pivot our entire development model of serving at-risk populations to all virtual channels. Luckily th …

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On The Board: Lorna Batten

Meet Lorna Batten – Vice Chair, Board of Directors Lorna has served on the I Pour Life Board of Directors for over three years and is currently the ice president. Her heart for seeing women and children given an opportunity t …

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The Many Successes of At-Risk Youth in Springfield

We want to take some time to brag on our incredibly motivated and hardworking youth. Through LifeStrengths, older foster youth meet with a LifeCoach weekly to help each of them discover their unique strengths and successfully …

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