I Pour Life’s Founder and CEO, Julie Higgins, recently hosted a Facebook Live to answer questions from the public about I Pour Life’s  Global programs. 

Did you know I Pour Life always hires national staff wherever a program is operating? Learn more about Julie, I Pour Life’s unique approach, and what “development” really means for an international non-profit.  

Tell us about the staff in Ethiopia

We engage with a full-time staff of about 15-20 people and are involved in the community. We have an incredible Country Director named Jaya and he loves innovation. Sarah is our program director, and we have a finance director and an office manager. There are two early childhood workers and a cook. We have a cleaner who is also a nanny and there is also a guard. When we take a mission team to Ethiopia, there is always one staff from America. They are there to oversee the team and make sure their time is maximized but the in-country team is very necessary for all the work that is done. The locals run the programs there. 

“We don’t serve problems, We solve problems”

How do you help maintain the balance of helping and respecting the dignity of those you are helping?

We must give them the right to have the most dignity. The way we can do this is through 5 steps that we implement throughout our programs.  

1. We welcome people to the family 

2. We love people right where they are

3. Earn people’s trust through time and building relationships.

4. Develop. Teach a person how to thrive

5. Watch them thrive.

“One of the greatest blessings is when I give opportunity” 

Do you feel like international programs run by Americans work?

Only if they don’t have a western mindset. It’s all about collaboration and working together. The program must be culturally acceptable and work together to solve problems. 

“It really takes all of us working together to see communities thrive and develop to a place of self-sufficiency.”

Do you partner with other organizations?

Absolutely. We worked in Ethiopia to observe other organizations and see how we can maximize our work. We also partner very closely with the Ethiopian government. 

“The best way to create sustainable self-reliance is to bring everybody in and have everybody work together.”

Ask Me Anything: Global Edition

Ask Me Anything: Global Edition! If you have any other questions, please leave them below.

Posted by I Pour Life on Wednesday, December 4, 2019
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