Give Ozarks Day is a Week Away!


In just under a week, the internet will be flooded with posts about Give Ozarks Day! So before all the posting begins, we want to fill you in on what that means for us and for you.

Give Ozarks is a 24-hour online fundraiser from midnight to midnight on May 3rd. To make it even more exciting, the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO) will be awarding up to $2,500 in prizes each hour! Every time someone donates to I Pour Life within an hour, we get our name in a pool, and each donation increases our odds of winning a prize. At the end of the hour, CFO will draw for the winner. It’s the number of donations, not the amount, that matters, so if you donate even $5 every hour, you’re still upping the odds in our favor! One thing to note, only the first time you donate within the hour is counted, so don’t try to donate multiple times in one hour.

Our Give Ozarks campaign will support our LifeStrengths development system for homeless and at-risk youth. Through LifeStrengths, socially isolated individuals develop essential life skills as they work alongside their LifeCoach. LifeStrengths is meeting a critical need for development in our community, and each contribution we receive will provide essential support for this program. With a goal of reaching 100 individuals within the year, it is incredibly important to continue developing funding to support this effort.

This year will be our first year to participate in Give Ozarks Day, help us make it a success by sharing our posts to help raise essential funds and awareness.

Katy St. ClairGive Ozarks Day is a Week Away!
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